Football betting is all about patience and recognizing opportunity. It’s also about luck, which can swing in and out of your favor at any given moment: your qb gets hurt mid-game; an easy field goal clanks off the upright; a wideout commits the maddening goal line pre-td-celebration drop (we’re looking at you, DeSean Jackson); whatever, football betting isn’t a perfect science. That being said, we here at leveled up our handicapping results years ago by acknowledging a key tenet of football betting: It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The first thing a football bettor should do is keep a record of his action. Our season lasts from week 0 of college football in August all the way to the Super Bowl in February. That’s over 5 months–almost half of your gaming year. Staying organized keeps the season in perspective financially, which can prevent a frustrated all-in on Sunday night when you’ve had a sub-.500 weekend.

Last season, we made 315 bets, ultimately finishing 154-143-18, and it would have been even better if not for the Super Bowl (thanks, Falcons!). But we aren’t mad at the Falcons because it’s a brand new season! We bet in units of $100 (but you can do whatever you want based on your bankroll; we recommend starting at units of $20), and typically place 1 unit per bet, but if our line has a x2 beside it, that means we are betting 2 units; x3=3 units, etc. We generally stick to one unit per game, but sometimes we find a great spread and will bet multiple units (e.g. we liked Ole Miss -7 vs UGA last season because Ole Miss was at home with a 1-2 record and desperate for a win, and UGA had barely beaten Missouri and Nicholls State and were on the road for a 2nd straight week. We saw 2 teams going in opposite directions and bet 4 units on Chad Kelly and the Rebels, leading to an easy cover that made our Saturday). Each unit still counts as 1 bet, so multiple units are counted as multiple wins or losses. Most of our picks are on football, but we’ll also throw in the occasional baseball or basketball play.

Some systems don’t want you to bet the majority of your stack, but we’ll sometimes make 20+ picks a week. Don’t be afraid to bet for volume, even if it means that most of your bankroll is invested. This is a major difference we have with other handicappers’ systems. If you’re afraid to bet, you are going to miss out on crucial winners that can make or break your season. If you stick to our system, show patience, know week-to-week team situationals, watch games and read up on your teams (we love the Phil Steele), you’ll have a successful season. And by all means, if our picks hit a cold streak, fade us! We’re here to help you win one way or another.

Happy Betting!